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Get Winter Ready with SoHome Solar.

Winter storm Uri and the severe winter storm of Feb 2021 taught us all a lot of valuable lessons. During the unexpected storm more than two thirds of Texans, 69 percent of the population of the state lost power at one point.

Almost half, 49 percent of the population had to experience power disruptions and water shortages. The winter storm overburdened the power grid and the severe weather contributed to 210 deaths. The state of Texas incurred up to 130 billion dollars in total damages and losses.

More than 26 percent of Texas and 90 percent of the entire US population depends on the ERCOT for electricity services. On an average there was power disruptions for 42 hours out of which 31 percent were consecutive hours.

ERCOT does not have its own grid infrastructure but instead relies on power generation companies, electricity providers, electric cooperatives and river authorities along with transmission and distribution companies that participate in the wholesale energy market.

Winter storm Uri exceeded the parameters of ERCOT’s routine seasonal plans and caused some electricity generators and grids to go offline.

SoHome solar can help deliver the solar panels right to your doorstep and help you build independence from the energy grid and make your home or property solar ready to tackle the upcoming winter storm.

At SoHome we want to help those who want to get solar ready before this winters severe weather. We offer new roofing and construction of Solar Panels for your roof and also provide ground installations if it is the right fit for your home.

SoHome Solar offers free consultations and an estimate to see if you qualify for financing! Get winter ready today and see if you can switch to solar with SoHome Solar.


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