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Roof Pitches and Solar.

Pitch it to me!

Let’s talk roof pitches and solar. The roof pitch is the steepness of a roof expressed as a ratio of inch rise per horizontal foot. For example, a flat roof has a pitch of 0, all other roofs are pitched.

Many people are under the misconception that they can’t install solar panels on their roof for a variety of reasons, whether because of the material, their location, shade, or the dimensions of their roof. The truth is, our installers have been trained on a wide variety of pitches and materials. There’s a good chance the roof over your head right now is compatible with solar!

Another thing is, if you’re looking to get a new roof, we can help with that also! We have financing options available to tie your solar + roof loan together, and pay it off over time.

Learn more about our many options and recourses to go solar at


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