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Our mission

To make renting as simple as listening to music on Spotify. 


The government, agents and landlords push for restrictive, long-term contracts. However, people's lives constantly change (moving for work, new opportunities, relationships, exploration, etc) and they want their living situation to be just as fluid.

People move within cities/countries & internationally, more than ever before. In 2017, 1 million private renters in London moved 3+ times in 5 years. Each move costs £100s, involves lengthy admin work and setting-up time, e.g. bills, WiFi and local tax.

We connect a highly vetted global portfolio. People can seamlessly move around the world safely and securely, without additional costs or admin, into our trusted communities of properties and tenants.


In 2023, people will see their subscription renting as normal as their subscription music and TV (thank you Spotify and Netflix).

Our platform will have made renting extremely flexible & easy, powering the global population to seamlessly move, rent and live, anywhere.

SoHome will have removed the fear around moving abroad to explore a new opportunity, with millions of people will be taking up these opportunities to rent at local rates all around the world.